Lloyds of London and Swiss Re will no Longer Cover Medical Expenses Due to Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields.

Two major Insurance companies, Lloyds of London and Swiss Re will no longer cover Medical expenses incurred du to exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Here is the Lloyd’s Risk Index 2013:


Here’s the Swiss Re emerging risk report from 2014:


In 2011, Lloyds had a similar document to Swiss Re: called Lloyd’s Risk Index 2011. http://www.lloyds.com/~/media/Files/News%20and%20Insight/360%20Risk%20Insight/Lloyds_Risk_Index_2011.pdf

The 2011 document listed Harmful Effects of New Technology (e.g. nanotechnology, EMF) at 38 of 50 of the Top 50 Priority Risks in North America (the scores were similar in other parts of the world) [Appendix, Chart 16]. This score was virtually exactly the same risk as Climate Change and above Water Scarcity, Flooding and Food Security, Drought among others.
In the same category are : Cyber Attacks-Malicious (#4), Cyber Risk-Non-Malicious (12), Critical Infrastructure Failure (22), Pollution,Environmental Liability (24), and Industrial/Workplace Accident (28).

The policy does list “medical expenses” among the exclusions that apply to EMF.  This is in the Exclusions section, beginning on page 6, (link) where it says:

We will not


a)     make any payment on your behalf for any claim, or

b)     incur any costs and expenses, or

c)     reimburse you for any loss, damage, legal expenses, fees or costs sustained by you, or

d)     pay any medical expenses:

then the various exclusions are listed, including “General Insurance Exclusions” on page 7, which lists:

32. Electromagnetic fields  directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to

by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise.







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