Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Smart Meters are the Health Crisis of Our Time

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, among many others, has done much to educate people about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). In the following interview, excerpted from the upcoming documentary film, Take Back Your Power directed by Josh del Sol (www.takebackyourpower.net), smart meters and EMR are referred to as “the health crisis of our time,” and in it he explains how electromagnetic fields (EMF) interfere with your biology, and how it contributes to the creation of autism. According to Dr. Klinghardt:

“Based upon a study of 10 autistic cases and 10 normal cases, the pregnant mothers who gave birth to autistic children slept in a location in which microwave radiation was 20.7 times higher, on average, than pregnant mothers who gave birth to non-autistic children.”


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