Earn Your Electro Awareness


I have come to realize that ‘electromagnetic-sensitivity is something that one earns.

Much time, effort, money and energy goes into cultivating he ability to feel how things that you put in you and things that are around you are affecting you..

.. and then, as a reward, or a blessing.. one becomes more and more “electro hyper sensitive”..

What is the  core motivation of this endeavor? Self Love, It takes Self Love to put aside the time to understand how our food supply is loosing its ability to support “life” . It take Self love to make different choices.. choices that support the health and well being of your body and mind .

One must love yourself enough to take the time.. and spend the money..  to go to yoga classes, meditation classes, or even a walk in the forest.

One must love oneself enough, to get a wired land line, a cord phone and turn off the wireless internet – even if most of your friends think you are being excessive .. and a bit eccentric.

One must come to that moment of Truth, when you decide to stop drinking coffee, alcohol..stop smoking cigarettes, or say… “That’s it ! That was my last McDonald’s hamburger!: .. or  whatever is the preferred technique which is slowly numbing your ability to feel how things are affecting you. And then have the conviction or strength of character to stick with it.

Electro Hyper Sensitivity is not a disease, or a syndrome. it is not a misfortune that inhibits one’s ability to live a “normal life”. It is a blessing that begins to inform you what choices need to be made in order to continue feeling alive.




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