Electromagnetically aware: The Canary Syndrome

The Canary Syndrome

Once upon a time, there was a little yellow canary. The canary used to  wake up in the morning, open her bright eyes, jump out of bed and get ready for work. She loved her job, she knew she was loved and appreciated… and much needed!  Every morning, she would go into the mines with the miners. If she started to look a little ill, or started if she ever started to swoon, the miners would know that it was time to leave the mine. They knew that there was a toxic substance that was affecting the sensitive little canary that they were not aware of yet… a gas, a chemical, or perhaps an electromagnetic field that was affecting the canary and would soon be affecting them. The miners knew that they were not as sensitive as the canary, and they were so grateful to the canary for willing to put herself through a little discomfort to save the miners.

In those days, the miners were very wise. They knew that their noses or their electronic instruments were not as sensitive as the little canary and many, many times the canary saved the miners lives. The miners had learned that if they ignored the canary, that they would eventually fall ill.

However, as time went on, things began to change. The mining company grew very large. The chief executives know that there was a lot of money to be made in these mines and that if they lost a few workers… well, there were others that they could replace them with. They thought that if it came to it, they could falsify some data to prove that they were not at fault. The canary came to be seen as a nuisance and soon became obsolete.

The canary was out of a job.

So, she left the mining town and went to the big city. As he wandered around through the streets of the city, she began to notice things. She found that some thing was giving her headaches, making her ears ring, making her feel dizzy and ill. She noticed that when she was close to cell phone towers or smart meters, her symptoms became so intense that he could hardly function.

She tried to warn the people that the cell phone towers will be making them ill, that if they hold the cell phones close to their heads they will soon have serious illnesses and that it is definitely it is not a good idea to give cell phones to their kids. She educated herself about smart meters and found out how dangerous they are. She joined a group that was trying to prevent the smart meters from being installed on people’s homes. She She wrote articles, made appearances on TV…

Some people even began to call her a “problem”. They said, you are too sensitive!” The canary thought, “yes, I am sensitive… but this should not be a problem, I have a unique and valuable ability to feel how things are affecting me, I am more aware than they are”.

The canary had a sensitivity that the people had lost.

The medical team began to be aware of the problems that this canary was causing.

They decided that the canary’s sensitivity was not normal. They decided to name this new syndrome that they had discovered, “electrical sensitivity” and promptly went to the laboratory to create a medication to help the canary reduce her problematic sensitivity so that the canary could live a “normal” life. The canary tried these medications for a while and then realized that she could no longer feel which food was safe to eat, and which paint was safe to put in her house, she no longer could tell which furniture was built with toxic glues, which TVs were hurting her brain and she could no longer feel the effects of the cell phone towers and the smart meters. She just felt numb and always a bit ill.

She started to gain weight, she started to have strange aliments, like the ones listed on the side of the box that the medication came in. She found that she felt a bit “empty”. She didn’t know how else to describe it. She noticed that he spent more and more time watching TV and craving the products that were advertised.

She decided to stop taking the medication and her ability to feel began to return.

One day, the canary met a little boy. The canary and the boy became best friends. The little boy seemed to understand the canary. He began to watch the canary. He noticed that the canary never wore black clothing. Her closets were filled with beautiful, life-giving canary colors, various shades of fuscia, emerald green and soft pinks. He noticed that the canary did not use a cell phone and that and that she never ate at fast food restaurants. One day the little boy realized that if he only ate at the restaurants that the canary ate at, and stopped using his cell phone, stopped cooking his food in his microwave and started cooking organic food at home, he began to feel better, and eventually he realized that he did not even need the canary anymore to show him what restaurants to eat at and how to live. The little boy began to feel how things were affecting him again!

The little boy and the canary together began to speak to their local governments, lobby their local politicians, gathered their neighbors and helped them understand the dangers of being exposed to smart meters and cell phone radiation.

The moral of the story is that if you find a canary, follow her. Seek her out, ask her questions! Find out what restaurants she eats at, where she shops for groceries, which products she buys. She is busy, figuring out how to feel alive. 


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