Hollywood Actress irradiated by Smart meter !!!

 I don’t consider myself to be hyper sensitive or overly obsessive about things but the feeling of being cooked alive in my Santa Monica home, after the installation of the utility company’s latest high tech innovation – the “Smart” meter, was unmistakable.  

 So I looked into it. I’m an actress and producer and in between trips to China and auditioning in LA, I don’t really have a whole extra life to lend to the battle against Smart Meters but, what I found was so shocking, that I realized that I don’t really have a choice if I value my health and sanity. So, I dug in to learn more about these “Smart”meters. What I found was a growing community of intelligent and aware individuals  who were very concerned about the effects of all this radio wave and microwave radiation being beamed into their homes – constantly – day and night.  People are starting to educate themselves – people who ordinarily would not have been interested in things like “micro-watts per square meter” or the effects of microwaves on our  bodies and minds are starting to get involved.  What really got me was learning that some people, who are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic fields,  are having to leave their jobs, homes and their neighborhoods and are having a difficult time finding somewhere that they can go to feel sane. Given all that –  I was shocked that I wasn’t given any kind of warning or heads up before my old analog meter was hijacked for the new and improved version.

So, if you are still wondering, a Smart Meter is the meter on the side of your house that reads your electricity usage. Until very recently, the utility companies used to employ people to read these meters. But with the new wireless meters, the utility companies will no longer need people to read the meters – and the existing meter readers are all being  fired.  End of an era.

While this whole investigation  started with me feeling very isolated with this peculiar problem of feeling “fried” in my house  – it was beginning to look like a global issue, much bigger than my situation . I learned that “Smart” meters and the “Smart” grid are being marketed as a “green” solution to the global concern over energy distribution and that they are rapidly being installed on homes around the world. “Smart” meters are being embraced by our governments and utility companies as the wave of the future. However, we have yet to convince the plants. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsuP_WBBr2c , or many of the people.  The World Health Organization recently classified this type of radiation as a class 2 B Carcinogen. That’s the same category and lead and DDT! If you’re not familiar with DDT, they used it in bio warfare during the Korean war.  

Robert O. Becker, Nobel Prize nominee said, “I have no doubt in my mind that, at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. 

 In April 2012, The American Academy of Environmental medicine, which is a international group of hundreds of doctors and scientists, released a position paper calling for immediate caution regarding Smart meter installation. Citing several peer – reviewed scientific studies, The AAEM concludes that “significant harmful biological effects occur from non-thermal Radio Frequency  exposure” –  that is the type of radiation  cell phones and smart meters use.  I sat back in my chair and wondered, what is in the word “harmful” don’t we understand?”  

 Utility companies have said that the radiation emitted by your smart meter is no worse that a cell phone.  However, there is more and more information surfacing that indicates that the way we use cell phones may also be affecting our health and sanity. There have been many scientific papers written around the world about documented and potential damage to the body from exposure to low level electromagnetic fields. Low level radio and micro wave radiation has been proven to damage and weaken our nervous systems, our brains, our DNA, or pregnant woman, on children. We are not short of information.  So, where is the disconnect?  (This by the way is the title of a book written by Devra Davis, a highly respected  researcher who speaks about the documented affect of microwave radiation on cell development.  

So, if the type of radiation that smart meters use possibly causes cancer,  and seems to be causing harm in many other ways, why is it everywhere?  Why is a device that is emitting this type of radiation stuck on to the side of my house, sending radiation in to my body and brain  24/7. 

Our bodies need an advocate – like children and dogs – the body needs us to speak up, just as if we were the defenders of an endangered species – us!  The only way our body can express that something is wrong, is by breaking down, physically, emotionally and mentally – which we are witnessing everywhere we look today.  The body depends on us to be its advocate, to say with our words and actions that something is needs to change. Our bodies are trying to say to us “ I am breaking down. I need more care, more respect. I need certain things to be in place so that I can thrive and then support your ambitions”.  

 So, the time has come to speak up. Tell your neighbors, your family members and friends. Plan a event for October 4th!  http://actiondaytostopsmartmeters.org /  

 The radiation that comes from Smart Meters has a wide radius. You are being affected by your neighbors “Smart” meter almost as much as your own.  If you are a California resident,  call your utility company and tell them you want to  OPT OUT. Southern California Edison is considering charging us a small fee to opt out which is being fought and suspended for 120 days. You call their special Smart Connect number at 1-800-810-2369.  There is now a law, thanks to all the efforts of people willing to speak up, that requires your utility company to let you keep your analog meter or if it has already been replaced with a “Smart” meter,  they are now required to give your analog meter back. 

 If you don’t live in California, educate yourself, get active and do your part to make sure that your house never is home to a “Smart” meter . 

 To learn more about smart meters and the radiation they are sending into your homes and neighborhoods day and night, go to:

 • http://stopsmartmeters.org/2012/09/21/national-day-of-action-to-stop-smart-meters-october-4th/ 


 • .http://www.neilcherry.com/documents/90_m2_EMR_Evidence_That_EMR-EMF_is_genotoxic.pdf




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