UK Organizations associated with the International EMF Alliance

Two new papers posted on the Wifi in Schools site.

1. We would like the IARC classification of radio frequency electromagnetic fields as a Group 2B possibly carcinogenic to humans to be mentioned in all information about wireless devices passed on to schools, organizations and government departments, as well as in published or communicated information about each technology, e.g. Wi-Fi and smart meters.


Including the 2B classification in information about wireless devices allows people to make informed choices. Organisations have legal responsibilities to provide safe environments and to not harm children, employees or members of the public; being fully informed allows them to fulfil these legal requirements. The Trades Union Congress (TUC) in their ‘Occupational Cancer, A Workplace Guide’ advises employers that Group 1 and 2 carcinogens should be removed from the workplace or caution used to prevent exposure to them (2008, 2012;



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