NYTimes.com: Public Pours Scorn on Airport Body Scanners


April 16, 2013News ScannersNo comments

Comment Period Ends June 24th 2013

The Transportation Security Administration, under a court order issued nearly two years ago, has finally been soliciting public comments about its use of body scanners and pat-downs at airports. More than 500 people have offered their thoughts — overwhelmingly negative — so far. The deadline for submitting comments is June 24.

The security agency was required by federal law to seek public comment before using the scanners for primary screening at airport checkpoints.

In 2010, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, an advocacy group, sued to block the use of body scanners, arguing that the machines violated travelers’ constitutional rights. The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, in a ruling in 2011, did not find the checkpoint technology unlawful, but it ordered the T.S.A. to “act promptly” to seek public input, noting that the “privacy, safety and efficacy” of the body scanners “no doubt would have been the subject of many comments had the T.S.A. seen fit to solicit comments.”


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