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Smart Awareness in Port Angeles WA started up in mid 2013  with 24 concerned citizens.  We came together to help more citizens become aware that the Smart  Meter is indeed  not Smart at all.

Many citizens are effected by these devices, which bring public endangerment to infants, children, adolescents,  medically handicapped and the elderly . We believe that every person will be  adversely  affected either physically, financially, and/ or environmentally. The “Smart” grid will also profoundly affect our right to privacy.

Our mission is to l bring awareness to citizens about the risks of “Smart” meters and the smart grid, and  to become actively involved in stopping Smart Meters from being installed on our homes, businesses, schools and in our city .

See the recent article in the “Port of Call” News:


This new paper is delivered to every mailbox in the City of Port Angeles.  It is a great way to get the word out.The next article I will be writing on will be the UL certificate mark which is not on any e-meters across the United States. UL is just another word for safety.

Judi Hangartner – founder / chair – Smart Awareness Group in Port Angeles WA.
Smart Awareness now has 150+ Members 
We ask you to join the cause in getting the government and the utility provider  to cease what they are doing with these Smart Meters and remove all transmitting  RF Radiation devices from  Port Angeles.If you are interested in being involved, please go to the tab labeled more info on the website and email me 🙂

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Smart Awareness Group
Email:  smartawareness@wavecable.com

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