The History of PSE Smart Meters. An Article from 1999 in the Seattle Times. Shhhhh!


This article is amazing for it’s inane – ness!!

It is the only thing  I have ever found announcing the arrival of the PSE smart meters, which were all installed by 2012.

This article is noteworthy as, in 1999 when the article was written, the writer heralds the arrival of the “smart meter”. However, for some reason, PSE and  local city governments installing the technology,  currently insist that we do not have “smart meters”. There are many other wonderful words that have taken the place of the word “Smart meter:  AMR, wireless meters, radio wave meters… etc.

So – don’t be thrown off by your utility company when they respond calmly that “you do not have a smart meter”. If you have a PSE meter or a Renton water meter, you have wireless meters. They may not have  both “send and recieve” capability, but they do send radio wave signals to an antenna in the neighborhood.. Renton water meters send a whopping two watt transmission every four hours, The PSE gas meters sends .5 watt signal every 15 minutes, and the electric meters sends a .5 watt signal every five minutes.  If you do not think this is a problem, read the posts under research! .. “Uh, excuse me.. where have all the birds gone!”


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  1. Elaine

    What a load of techno-Orwellian crap this article is/was. Automatic everything!
    And the plug at the end for “smart” meters. How much revenue did the columnist rake in as a kickback?

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