The effect of EMF on Trees – “Uh, I think we have a problem here.. “

EMF and Trees

Magda Havas – If Wifi harms trees, what about children?

Why Our Urban Trees Are Dying

“Electricity is carried in living organisms”


Trees are now dying mysteriously from a variety of diseases in urban areas all over Europe and are also showing ab- normal photoperiodic responses. In addition, many have cancer-like growths under the bark (phloem nod- ules) and the bark may also split so that the underlying tissues become infected. All of these can be explained as being a result of weak radio-frequency radia- tion from mobile phones, their base stations, WiFi and similar sources of weak non-ionising radiation. But first let us look at how living organisms use electric currents that they generate

– Andrew Goldsworthy, PhD


Effects of electrosmog on trees.

This video is of a conference organized in Europe on the potential affect of emf’s on trees. It documents a a series of presentations given  by scientists on the topic. It  is a bit dry.. but  it is very informative

Here is a beautifully done, powerful documentary on the effect of emf’s on humans and the natural world. It is called “Resonance, Beings of Frequency

Also, the infamous ..”Smart meter affects vine”  It is short  – but makes an impact!

Very  worth watching.. an interview of a local MD on smart meters  (parts of this interview will be in the movie, Take Back Your Power  – to be released in May 2103

A piece by  B. Blake Levitt

watch this  – B. Blake Levitt – it is amazing! “There could be no safe limits.”

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