Update on “energy efficient” CFL’s


Have you noticed your friends and neighbors stockpiling incandescent light bulbs – here’s why,

Compact Florescent Bulbs


  1.  Compact Florescent Bulbes Last Longer  – Only if you leave them on continuously
  2. They use less electricity – but they emit no heat – so you end up turning up your thermostat.


  1. They emit UV radiation. The more you have, the greater the risk
  2. Harmful to animals in the home1
  3. Increase blood sugar levels – a risk for diabetics
  4. 12 times the risk of catching fire compared to incandescent bulbs
  5. Must be taken to a certified disposal depot.
  6. Requires special toxic cleanup procedures
  7. The Mercury from 1 bulb can contaminate 7000 gallons of water
  8. They can cause headaches, skin rashes, irritability, joint pain, asthma and cancer
  9. They are contaminating our land fills, which will result in contaminating our water supply.
  10. Made in China.. under questionable conditions.
The Correct Clean-up Procedure

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